My name is Shanti Stanley Perpellini, but you can call me Stan. I was born in Mumbai in 1986. I grew up in a sunny town on a lake in Switzerland called Ascona. As the adoptive son of a musician, I had contact with the magical world that is music right from childhood, playing the drums and guitar, and listening to my father playing the organ.

I studied musicology and religious studies in Basel. During my time at university, my focus was drawn to medieval music, specifically the connection between literature and music in that period.

Meanwhile at home, I was still listening to my favourite punk rock and metalcore tunes, and hanging out on the local music scene.

I began my work as an event manager with the idea of trying something new in the music world. I had never done it before and I didn’t know what to expect.

I organised a concert in Basel for an Italian band, and spent my free time doing all the things necessary to make a proper show, from the flyers to the catering, one hundred percent DIY.

What started as a one-off event became years of musical activity, combining integrity, curiosity and a great deal of passion.

During the internship with Kammerorchester Basel that followed my studies, I had the chance to refine everything I had learnt on my own, and toured all over Europe. Up until that moment, I never thought that music could bring me so far.

I consider all these drops of knowledge that I learnt by myself or heard from someone else as the bricks that slowly built my professional life.

My work experiences includes:

Kammerorchester Basel, Basel Sinfonietta, Jazz Festival Ascona, Argovia Philharmonic, Tonhalle Zürich, Opernhaus Zürich, Jugendsinfonieorchester Aargau.

Zeal and Ardor (CH), Ghost Iris (DK), Face Your Enemy (IT).

What can I offer you? This is the most important question.

I’ll bring all the “bricks” of my experience and put them together at the right moment in order to reach your goals.  My purpose is to assist you as an artist, a musician or as an orchestra, taking the role of project or tour manager.

I pay attention to the individual needs of every customer, listening to different experiences and expectations to better learn how today’s artistic world is moving, evolving and growing more competitive. I’ll take my experience in logistics and match it with my experience in organisation, not forgetting the passion that drives every day of my work. I’ll lay brick on brick to build a stable tower: the pillar of your project.

Some of my skills are:

– project and tour management

– stage/event logistics

– instrument transport

– guitar/drums tech

Sometimes we have no shortage of ideas, but need another perspective in order to realise them effectively. I will be more than happy to go through the whole process, or just some specific tasks with you.

Key to my work and philosophy is communication. I speak Italian (my mother tongue), German, English and French.

Without this important foundation, the entire set-up of a project simply cannot take place.

If you are interested in working with me, feel free to get in touch by email or telephone.

Let’s work together to make your project happen. It will be my pleasure to work with you.

Contact: shantiperpellini@gmail.com


Phone: +41 76 454 87 72

Thank you to Daniele Caminiti for the foto shooting and Simone Guida for the website support.