I began my work as an event manager with the idea of trying something new in the music world. I had never done it before and I didn’t know what to expect.

I organised a concert in Basel for an Italian band, and spent my free time doing all the things necessary to make a proper show, from the flyers to the catering, one hundred percent DIY.

What started as a one-off event became years of musical activity, combining integrity, curiosity and a great deal of passion.

During the internship with Kammerorchester Basel that followed my studies, I had the chance to refine everything I had learnt on my own, and toured all over Europe. Up until that moment, I never thought that music could bring me so far.

I consider all these drops of knowledge that I learnt by myself or heard from someone else as the bricks that slowly built my professional life.

My work experiences includes:

Kammerorchester Basel

Basel Sinfonietta

Jazz Festival Ascona

Argovia Philharmonic

Tonhalle Zürich

Opernhaus Zürich

Jugendsinfonieorchester Aargau


Zeal and Ardor (CH)

Ghost Iris (DK)

Face Your Enemy (IT)